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What does the future of local public transport on the Kiel Fjord look like? Kiel is growing and mobility in the city needs attractive offers to make it easier to do without the car and to achieve the ambitious climate targets. In this context, it is obvious that ferry traffic will connect the western and eastern shores over a longer period of the day and at closer intervals, and that bus connections will play a central role in this. The two different concepts of the VAIARO project, named "Floating Platform" and "Passage", are characterised equally by pragmatism and radicalism. To this end, leitmotifs for intelligent mobility and a new landmark in Kiel were developed. The project was designed as a cooperation from the very beginning: Partners from the University of Kiel and the University of Applied Sciences are working in their respective fields to create an autonomous ferry. The parties involved were therefore present at regular intervals for presentations, during which the designs and their own standpoint were constantly reviewed and adapted. In this way, however, it was possible to gain important indications of the desired qualities. What is supposed to speak with the designs is basically quite easy to grasp: When I come to Kiel, then I absolutely must go with the new ferry!

View the designs in 360° or in VR