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In the next step of the initiative, the experimental vehicle "Wavelab" will be built in cooperation with local companies and universities for the following passenger ferries. In the project network, the industrial partners can provide all the necessary components for the construction of a ferry ready to run.

The "Wavelab" offers the possibility to test most modern energy sources and energy concepts in a first realization phase. This will include a purely electric drive using batteries and fuel cells with hydrogen, as well as flexibility for retrofitting and researching LOHC in the maritime sector. The fuel cell could be operated with green hydrogen "Made in Schleswig-Holstein", as it is to be produced from wind power at the refinery Heide as well as in a bus project of the company GP Joule in North Frisia.

It is intended to take into account the design studies already carried out by Muthesius University. Students from the Kiel University of Applied Sciences will begin designing the autonomous test vehicle in coordination with the shipyards and industrial designers.

The Schlepp- und Fährgesellschaft Kiel (SFK), as the operator of all Förde ferries, has already commissioned the construction of a new, purely electrically driven 100-passenger ferry for use on the Schwentinelinie 2 in 2019. In coordination with SFK, interfaces for experiments with autonomous components are to be provided here. SFK has also approved the temporary installation of sensors for initial data collection on the ferries of Line 1.