06.07.2020 _ "CAPTin Kiel" becomes "CAPTN"

Dear team colleagues, project partners, interested parties:

From today on the network appears in a brand new look!
The entire CI has been redesigned with regard to the structure and identity of the network, including logo, colours and fonts, and has undergone a complete redesign. The motivation behind this step is on the one hand the creation of a clear communication and location of the individual projects in the network. On the other hand, the projects are strengthened in their independence by the new naming.
The biggest innovation right from the start: CAPTin Kiel - Clean Autonomous Public Transport Initiative Kiel - will simply become CAPTN: Clean Autonomous Public Transport Network. The name is now much more concise. The "Network" in the abbreviation clarifies the network character and refers to the focus of the entire mobility chain.

The projects are broken down into the following structure:

  • Mobility by water
  • The surrounding infrastructure and access to land
  • Our cooperations and partner project


Das neue Logo versinnbildlicht diese drei Bereiche. So steht das Logo von CAPTN für das Netzwerk als Ganzes, während jedes der drei Elemente eine Kategorie repräsentiert und die Einordnung der einzelnen Projekte in die Gesamtstruktur verdeutlicht.

Aye aye CAPTN!