19.08.2020 _ Letter of intent signed for "FÖRDE 5G" project

On Wednesday, Lord Mayor Ulf Kämpfer (SPD), Minister of Economics Bernd Buchholz (FDP), Vodafone Germany CEO Hannes Ametsreiter and the Vice President of Kiel University, Karin Schwarz, jointly signed an agreement for the "Förde 5G" project.

Förde 5G Letter of Intent

Within the framework of the 'Förde 5G' project, passenger ferries will initially operate partially and later fully autonomously on the Kiel Fjord - with the help of a 5G infrastructure. "5G is a familiar concept to many, but it is not really tangible. With projects like this, 5G is made tangible and it is shown how it can be used in concrete terms," said Minister Buchholz. He thanked the CAU and the state capital of Kiel for implementing the project and in particular Vodafone, the mobile phone provider had spontaneously promised its support for the project.

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